Policies and Process

Accepted Job

Your job will not be started unless you have given me a purchase order for a job or until we sign an agreement with deadlines and payment terms.

Style Guide, Glossary, and other Linguistic References

If not specified, my general dictionary for Indonesian will be Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, fourth edition. As such, all glossaries provided by Pusat Bahasa will be used, unless it has obvious spelling mistakes (can happen!) or will not be suitable for the context. All grammar and style used will be based on Tata Bahasa Baku Bahasa Indonesia, third edition. Of course for content with slang or other linguistic art structure will be translated as closest as possible to its equivalent and nuance, as deadline permits.

Non-disclosure Policy

The content of your job will not be disclosed at all, unless it is released for public by you, to which this policy will not be applicable.

QA Process

Translation quality will be marked against a set of pre-determined list of standards based on LISA QA model.

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