Field of Interest

As of October 2013, my interests are:

  • Educational use of games, either device-based or physical games
  • User interface design for interactivity in apps, mobile sites, and casual games
  • Business aspects of casual games
  • The impact of localization to maximizing profits of casual games

Occasionally, I read articles on these subjects:

  • Space saving solutions in interior design
  • Web design: accessibility, interactivity, design style guide
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Applied mathematics on everyday design
  • Young adult literature and its impacts on education
  • Life-hacking (time management, increasing productivity, etc)

This varied interests stems from the fact that I read a lot in my spare time since my younger years.  I am always hungry for more information, and when I can connect the dots between those information, I derive happiness. The library where I worked in my university years actually contributed by allowing me access to more resources inaccessible for general patron and equipped me with better skills for information retrieval.

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